On the Radar: March 2

Better late than never? Better never? Better late?

You decide, because I’m busy!

1. Dave Knox echoes a few of my personal sentiments in this bit about why Brands Should Start Thinking Like Start-Ups >>

2. Josh Bernoff discuss the controversial idea of paying bloggers to post about your brand >>

3. Comedien Louis CK (???) points out the annoying truth about our impatient, entitled state-of-state in this hilarious YouTube video >>

4. iJustine gets married… to her iPhone (Viximo pro-mens included!) >>

5. And the “App of the Week,” iPushups reminds me that I really need to spend more time grunting on the floor.

Till next time…

-The Genius.


On the Radar: Feb 21, 2009

What’s on the Genius’ radar this week?

You know, the usual stuff… Barbies, Cylons, unicorns… and that other marketing crap.

1. Virtual economies appear to be doing better than our actually economy >>

2. Barbie is finally starting to look like a “real woman” >>

3. The new “4 P’s of Marketing” have no “P” in them >>

4. App of the Week: NBC Universal’s Cylon Detector. It’s frakkin’ awesome.

5. Having a bad day? Nothing a little cornification can’t fix >>

On the Radar: Feb 15, 2009

Top 'o the radar this week? iPhone iPhone iPHONE!!!!

Top 'o the radar this week? iPhone iPhone iPHONE!!!! Image courtesy of David Griffith's "Promotions 2.0" presentation available at http://www.slideshare.net/dgriffith/promotions-20-the-future-of-interactive-marketing-1008197

In an effort to be a little more ‘regular’ about this blogging thing, The Genius is experimenting with a weekly “What’s on the radar?” post. This here’s the first. Let me know what you think, ‘k? [as if I care]



  1. Facebook is gaining on MySpace—especially in the  over 30 age group. In fact, Facebook’s over 30 growth is booming at around 24% per category, while their under 30 growth remains stagnant. MySpace continues to dominate in the high school & college age groups. More fascinating data on the Facebook v. MySpace showdown from Techno//Marketer Matt Dickman>>
  2. The iTunes App Store looks to be a $1 Billion cash-cow by the end of 2009, with over 500 million app downloaded already—200 million of which happened over the past 6 weeks. Think Apple execs will stimulate the economy with their 30% cut of that? More on The Little App Store That Could from CNBC’s Jim Goldman >>
  3. Apps of the Week: Drync (because I like to) and AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner (because I’m lazy)
  4. This adorable lesbian makes videos. They’re not about anything. Well… they’re about her. Just talking, basically. About whatever. It’s the kind of YouTube sh*t I would normally roll my eyes at or just… ignore. And yet… I CANT STOP WATCHING!!!!!
  5. About half of 13-19 year-olds say they “would die” without their mobile phones. Oh, the drama!!!! This and more not-to-be-missed data in Harris Interactive’s “Generation Unplugged” report >>

And now… back to normal weekend Genius stuff.

Martini, anyone?

The Dreaded 7 Things

This is a photo of me before the "procedure." Totally hot, right?

This is a photo of me before the "procedure." See Random Thing #2 below for details.

Several weeks ago I was “tagged” by the Online Marketer with the dreaded “7 Things” meme. A few days later, a similar meme made its way to me via Facebook—only this time, the stakes were raised: 25 Random Things were required. [DOH!]

Never one to be a spoil-sport, I decided to approach this task with a little creativity. We’ll call it  “tagging mashup”.

Instead of posting “7 Random Things About Me,” I’m going to post 6 Random Things About Other People and just one that’s actually about me.

So… Place your bets. Make it into a drinking game. Or just kick up your heels and see how good you are at teasing out the truth from the fibs. “Answers” posted in fine print at the very bottom.

Without further ado…

7 Random Things […One of Which is Actually] About Me:

1. I am so hot that I am forced to wear fire retardant underwear for fear of spontaneously combusting at the most inappropriate moments, such as the time I burst into flame at Ricardo Montalban’s memorial service and, regrettably, set the man’s Escape from the Planet of the Apes costume aflame. So embarrassing. I am banned from the Hollywood Forever Funeral Home (appropriately) forever.

2. I used to be a man, but found all that body hair and beer-drinking to be… soooo unladylike. So I had a little “procedure.” Hey, why fight Mama Nature, right?

3. I habitually lose my wallet. And habitually get it back. Total waste of karma.

4. After I had sex for the first time, I called my grandma and told her. Her response? “That’s wonderful!”

5. This is my favorite YouTube video. Ever.

6. Ladies love me, girls adore me—I mean even the ones who never saw me.

7. I was born in Communist Russia. My grandparents often speak of what life was like under Stalin. Oddly, I hear it’s a lot like living there now.



And now for the truth:
#1 FALSE. Written by brilliant copywriter Brook Long who was last seen wearing flame retardant underpants somewhere near Mann’s Chinese Theatre.
#2 FALSE. Totally made that up b/c I needed an excuse to use that hot naked guy photo in this post. Sue me.
#3 & #4 FALSE. Both of these were written by another brilliant writer/friend who shall go unnamed to protect her privacy (love ya, Melissa!)
#5 FALSE. Definitely one of my favorites, but perhaps not the MOST favorite. Thanks to @ClarkleSparkle for introducing me to it.
#6 FALSE. Actually the lyrics from Rob Base’s “It Takes Two.” Oldie but a goodie.
#7 TRUE. Though technically I was born in Odessa, which is in the Ukraine, but back then it was all just one big happy USSR.

iPhone app-a-palooza

If I didn’t love my iPhone so much, I would probably find all this brew-ha-ha around the unprecedented success of the iTunes App Store a tad annoying.

But I do love my iPhone.

And I’m a big fan of the apps we’ve created here at Viximo, particularly TrueFlirt.

And you can’t disagree with the numbers:

  • 17 million iPhones sold
  • 500 million apps downloaded (SINCE JULY!)
  • $1 Million/day in iPhone app sales
  • 93% of iPhone users have used the App Store
  • 3/4 have 5 or more apps on their device

To quote Jim Goldman of CNBC:

“The potential of this store seems enormous, and its success seems to be gaining momentum far more quickly than even the most optimistic analysts out there projected.”

As a marketer, I think these numbers are pretty damn compelling. As a Genius, I think there’s a massive opportunity for brands to reach a highly desirable market segment (think young, rich, and tech-savvy!)—and keep them engaged on a device that is personal, novel, ubiquitous, and downright sexy.

And lest you think that branded iPhone apps are merely a flashy new “branding gimmick,” consider that said gimmick is being broadcast on a device where shopping and sharing are literally a click away.

Want to hear more? Check this out:

Those of you smart enough to want a closer look at this opportunity, check out VixML.com. Believe it or not, we’re actually GIVING AWAY access to the iPhone content authoring tool that TechCrunch calls “revolutionary”.

Of course, if you’d rather have us build you an app, we can do that, too. Either way, I suggest you get off your keister and start thinking about how NOT to let this goldmine pass you by.

Flirt with me. I dare you. (I’ll also give you $10)


Yes, this is actually a recent picture of me. I'm like SOOOOOOO hot.

Let’s pretend you & I met at a bar. And I was not already married. In fact, let’s pretend I was 10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter, and a bra size bigger. Also, I’d already thrown back 2 martinis and was—in the immortal words of The Offspring—”looking to score”.

Now. Let’s pretend YOU were in the mood to score with me :).

And you have an iPhone.

And you don’t smell like mothballs or have something funny hanging out of your nose.

And you have a really, REALLY BIG… brain.

You make your move. You walk over and open the conversation with something sweet & sassy. Something like: “I noticed you noticing me.” [I was!]

I say: “Is it perhaps the ‘FLIRT WITH ME’ written across my chest?” [I am wearing a promotional tshirt for the TrueFlirt iPhone app… which is, to be honest, the whole point of this blog post]

You say: “Yep.”

Then I jump your bones. Then I smile, coyly… and slip you a business card with nothing but my iPhone # and a simple message: FLIRT WITH ME. (Just in case you missed it the first time).

Later that night… you can’t stop thinking about me (I can’t blame you). You WANT to call me. But you don’t want to sound too desperate. Or horny. Even though… you are.

Should you send me a text message? LAME.

An email? BORING.

How about a Flirt? YES! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whip out your…. iPhone. Select one of the 10 sexy, fun Flirts. Add a playful message. Enter my number. Send.

[30 minutes later…]

We’re in bed. My hair has that “FFL”. We’re smoking. Life is good.

And it’s all because of TrueFlirt.

“ONLY $3.99 in the iTunes App Store!
Get yours—and get laid!”


Was that as good for you as it was for me??? [As if I care]

Well, brace yourself for even more pleasure: I’m about to hand you a $10 iTunes gift card. And you wont even have to do something crazy like eat bugs or run naked through Central Park to get it. Some of you might call this “bribery”. I like to call it “marketing”. Let’s not split hairs.

Here’s the dealio:

1. Go to the iTunes App Store now and download TrueFlirt, the sexy little iPhone app (built by my posse here at Viximo) that lets you flirt—with style. TrueFlirt is just $3.99 through Valentine’s Day—and much less filling than those sugary Necco hearts. Here’s the link again: http://tinyurl.com/TrueFlirt

2. FLIRT WITH ME! No, really. TrueFlirt lets you send virtual “flirts” to other iPhone users. To get your $10 iTunes gift card, you’ll have to send that first flirt to me.

Personally, I’d love for you to send the Love Potion flirt (I’m kinda thirsty), but I’ll let you take your pick—there are 10 gorgeous “flirts” to choose from.


I'm not eating my iPhone—I'm guzzling some Love Potion. DUH!

Here’s the number to send your flirt to: 617-417-7444

(Yes, it’s really my phone number—this week. No, I wont tell your girlfriend—or boyfriend or husband or wife—that you sent me a flirt. Now unbunch your panties and start flirting. It’s all good, clean fun.)

**IMPORTANT: Be sure to add a message with your email address so I can get you your iTunes gift card lickety split.**

3. Rate & review TrueFlirt at the iTunes App Store. (Here’s the link again http://tinyurl.com/TrueFlirt)

4. Join the TrueFlirt Facebook ‘Fan Club’ here: http://tinyurl.com/TrueFlirtFans

5. (Optional) Tell your friends! Know someone who has an iPhone? Think they might like a free $10 iTunes gift card? Forward this message to them.

So let’s review—
How to Get Your Free $10 iTunes Gift Card—without even leaving your chair:
Buy the app, send a flirt, write a review, join the club, pass it on…!

Easy peasy rice & cheesy.

I should probably point out that this little “promotion” is only valid for the next 48 hours. Though as a woman—and a genius—I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.

Oh—and for the 3 of you who don’t yet own an iPhone, all I have to say is this: GET. WITH. THE. PROGRAM.

You don’t really expect me to use a BLACKBERRY for flirting do you? YUCK.

A little marketing genius from Durex

Honestly, I’ve never even heard of Durex… then again, I’m not exactly their target market. But this little piece of marketing genius practically made me pee myself. It’s NSFW, but then that’s true about most things I post on this blog, right?

Note: Turn up the volume when you watch this, the sound effects are precious.