The glass is half full

recession cartoon

I know it may surprise some of you to learn that The Genius is actually a relentless optimist. Critical as I may sometimes be, the truth is I have a natural tendency to look for the positive in people and situations. It’s just not as entertaining to write about the nice stuff. Sorry.

Given my optimistic nature, it’s been rather annoying to watch tv, read magazines, or even make small talk with my neighbors lately—because everyone has their panties jammed waaaaaaay up their @#$*! as a result of “the current economic situation” [insert melodramatic music here].

Listen, people. I understand that the sh*t has hit the proverbial fan. I’m not denying the facts. We all had one big over-indulgent party together, and now we’re suffering from one MASSIVE hangover. But it doesn’t do us any good to dwell, now does it? Does complaining all day about how much your head aches make things better?

Genius that I am, I’m fairly certain that “this too shall pass” and in the meantime, we best not PANIC. Which is why I took the time out of my very busy and extremely important schedule to throw together a little bit of thinking aptly titled “The Glass is Half Full.” Lest you dismiss it as yet another martini-induced rant, I assure you, it’s got real data. Naturally, it has a few curse words. And most definitely, it offers some fresh perspective.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, and… if you’re so inclined, perhaps you’ll even pass it on. Because just about everyone could use a bit o’ good news.

8 Responses

  1. LOVE this. Thank you so much for the balance to the doom and gloom out there. It’s all about who you know, how you look at it and what you do with it.


  2. A beautiful little piece of perspective served hot. My fave: Sam Walton. I, too, have opted out of the recession. (Check with me in 2 years to see if my stock is Up 200%.


    Twitter: “TheBetsy”

  3. I like your perspective on this (no surprise). You might want to check out my e-book too:

    I think we’re drawing on a lot of the same influences and ideas. Which is odd because I *don’t* hear a lot of other marketers talking about this. Why not? Shouldn’t they be shouting this from the proverbial rooftops?

    I know we were over-served when God was handing out guts, but come on – the proof is right there!

    Great post, Marta – thanks!

  4. Yay optimists!!! Shall we share our half-full glass? 🙂 Thanks for your positive feedback and butt-kicking attitudes. Keep up the good work.

  5. This makes me very happy.. I’ve been trying to sell this argument to my boss for 6 months.. You’re my hero..

  6. This is a very good beginning – what I think is also needed is a program that focuses on a cumulative effect which will never really stop or start based on things being good or bad – that is the only way to not opt into a recession – just keep on working –

  7. My glass is fuller, now I’ve read this. Thanks!

    I’ve run across this same topic in myriad words, all over the place… I documented my own attempt to weigh in, and the satisfied feeling of being “in tune” with folks like you, at my own blog–it’s called “Copywriter’s Got Game.” The post is here:

  8. […] The Secret Diary of a Bonafide Marketing Genius: “The Glass is Half Full” […]

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