On the Radar: March 27

Photo credit: Erik Johansson

Photo credit: Erik Johansson

After a bizarre afternoon complete with bomb scares and armed bank robbers, I managed to cobble together some tasty tidbits for y’all. Are you feeling the love?

1. Having run out of options, Microsoft has stooped to differentiating themselves from Apple on the basis of price alone. Next week, they’ll start giving away free toasters with every purchase. Watch this pathetic ad, complete with the money quote: “I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person.” Actually, you’re not rich enough. Go >>

2. In a shocking turn of events, YouTube has added a Twitter button to its “share” toolbar, making it [gasp!] possible for users to Tweet about their favorite videos. I’m not sure which is more f**ked up—the fact that it took YouTube this long to add a Twitter button or that TechCrunch thinks this is a big deal? Honestly, I have belly button lint that’s more cutting-edge than this. Go, if you must >>

3. JetBlue puts out this “confidential” message to CEOs; results in Genius peeing herself laughing—and provides further evidence that flying is for pigeons. Watch >>

4. “App of the Week,” Shazam, which IMHO is magic. Pure magic. Also, it’s free!

5. Last but certainly not least, I give you a whole new way to experience penis-envy >>

Let the good times roll!

3 Responses

  1. Regarding the MS video ad… that’s just pathetic. Not much more one can say about that.

    Except maybe I’d love to talk to ‘Lauren’ in 1 year when she has to upgrade her machine because it’s too slow while I’m still using my 2 year old MBP that hums along and kicking the pants off my PCs.

    But that would be a cheap shot 😉

  2. Excellent point, Anthony! Between the cost of virus-protection, spyware tools, and pop-up blockers, plus time lost sitting on hold for overseas tech-support or beating her head against the wall while the damn thing crashes… add all that in and THEN tell me the PC is a more cost-effective option.

    But I digress (again)

  3. O M G… I am *so hung* on Twitter.. FINALLY.

    ; )


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