I love Tom Peters!

tompetersBecause he writes things like this:

Note to Bill Gates
I’ve done all my Windows updates, Bill, but when I type “Obama” (as immediately above and preceding) I get the infamous wavy red underlining—which suggests that I replace Obama with “Osama.”

(from a December 10, 2008 blog post)

And like this:

Measure division-level bosses on “crazy-assed experiments” (plus Wexner Rule— no screw-ups is Black Mark); and Daniels Rule—”Reward excellent failures, punish mediocre successes” (!!!)

(from The New Old Basics slide presentation)

There are few Geniuses out there [ahem] as outspoken, colorful, or timeless as Mr WOW! himself. If you’re not a fan yet, you should be.


One Response

  1. i think tom is way cool, an inspiration

    jason bresnehan

    (its early days for my blog – like one week)

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