More social media “hype”

No time to share much Genius today… too much excitement around the TechCrunch article highlighting Viximo‘s turnkey virtual goods solution as a “massive monetization opportunity” and the growing excitement around the launch of our first iPhone apps.

But I couldn’t resist sharing some fresh data in support of all the recent “social media hype”.

And so… at the risk of further alienating the readers who told me “social media is a crock” earlier this month, called me “warped,” and threatened to bite me (you KNOW who you are!)… I present you with these tasty nuggets:

  • 3/4 of US online adults now use social tools to connect with each other (compared with just 56% in 2007). On average, they spend one hour per week using these tools; however, 19% [and growing] are averaging 7 HOURS PER WEEK. [source: Forrester Research, October 2008]
  • 75% of Fortune 1000 companies with Web sites will have undertaken some kind of online social-networking initiative for marketing or customer relations purposes in the next year. [source: Gartner, October 2008]

But don’t take it from me, take a peek at Shiv Singh‘s (former colleague and current VP, Social Media, Razorfish) presentation deck from the recent Publisher’s Summit, which dives deeper into what marketers should know as the social media landscape shifts [and evolves!] around them.

When you’re done with that, hop over to Pete Kim’s blog (also a former colleague from Razorfish. Coincidence???) where he’s curating The Mother of All Lists of corporate SMM efforts (not to be confused with corporate S&M efforts. That’s a different blog). I suspect that curating this list will become a full-time job for a team of many in the not-too-distant future.

But then, I’ve been drinking “seriously poisoned Kool-Aid.” Ahem.

If you’ve arrived here quite by accident and are feeling cold, confused, and alone, I might suggest you start at the beginning—with a quickie tutorial on just what the f*ck this whole social media thing is (brought to you by Yours Truly).

Or, you could continue to bury your head in the sand. Your choice, tots!

6 Responses

  1. Anyone who considers social media a crock is either seriously out of touch with reality, trying to get a rise out of you or just plain stupid.

    It’s true that social media as we see and understand it today will be different than it will in 5 years but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a viable and living thing *today*.

    They probably think the whole ‘Internet’ thing is a fad as well.

  2. I’ve been thinking about a new list and now you’ve given me an idea…

    Re: the Gartner projection, I’m skeptical. I asked for a review copy of the report, no go. At first when they said it’s because I’m a former Forrester analyst I thought they were joking, but I guess not…

  3. Social media is real. It’s so early. Great points. The R&D is going on now. It’s so early and social media marketing has great promise.

  4. Amen, @Anthony!

    Pete — can’t wait for the new list. The suspense might kill me, however 😉

    I just want to add that the very same reader who threatened to bite me, called SM a “crock” and referenced the “poisoned kool-aid” is also the author of a “free e-book” about—can you guess?—SOCIAL MEDIA!

  5. […] forward thinking, progressive business acumen and twenty-first century-ness.  Wineries that put Social Media to use are leaders in the wine industry and will be […]

  6. Interesting presentation. Well done. I dig the social media. But I’m curious about the statistic, “14% don’t trust advertisements”. This study from Nielson puts the number in the US at 55%:

    Do you have a source for the 14% figure?

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