You want me to blog about you? Okay, sure.

In response to the weekly deluge of soft (and sometimes hard) product pitches that the Genius has been receiving lately, I’ve decided to once again whore myself out for the Greater Good. No, not the old fashioned way, dirtball.

What I mean is this:

Rather than saying “no” to virtually every request I get to “review” a product or “comment” on a brand, I am going to start saying yes, effective immediately, to those products/services/brands that agree to donate $100 to Doctors Without Borders (one of my most beloved nonprofit organizations).

I’m calling it the “Blog About Me” Program (clever, no?)

Why would a company pay $100 to have me blog about them?


One blogger can reach more people with one post than the weekend edition of USA Today.

Now I’m not claiming to be more influential than USA Today, but, as I’ve pointed out previously… I’m kind of a big deal. People know me. My apartment smells of rich mahogany… and I have many leather-bound books.

Ok, but seriously. The Network Effect is HUGE.

According to LinkedIn, I’m connected to nearly 6,000,000. And while they don’t all read my blog, a good number do. Add in my connections on Twitter and Facebook (the other 2 social media tools that I use most frequently), and you’ve got access to virtually everyone on the planet. Even Kevin Bacon ;).

So what exactly does that $100 “buy” you?

Doctors Without Borders says that $100 buys infection-fighting antibiotics to treat nearly 40 wounded children. Or vaccinations for 100 people against meningitis, measles, polio, or other deadly epidemics.  Or two high-energy meals a day for nearly 500 children.

And that same $100 guarantees that I will spend time getting to know your product/company, and then… I’ll blog about it. I’ll Tweet about it. I’ll share it with my friends on Facebook and LinkedIn. I might even send out a good ole fashioned email, if that sort of ‘old school’ communication is warranted.

In other words, $100 ensures that conversations will be started. They’ll travel. And in the meantime, you’ll be making a tax-deductible contribution to an extremely worthy cause.

Geez, when I put it that way, $100 seems like a go**amn bargain! Sign me up >>

A Few Words of Warning & One Disclaimer
Sorry, the lawyers insisted.

1. Lest there be any concerns about my profiting from this activity, I’ve set up the whole ‘donation thing’ via The money you donate goes straight from your bank account to theirs. At the conclusion of this program, Firstgiving will send a check for 100% of the proceeds minus a nominal transaction processing fee, directly to each organization. Read more about Firstgiving here.

2. Lest there be any concerns about my objectivity in reviewing your product/service etc, allow me to assure you: I WON’T BE. This aint Consumer Reports, people, this is The Secret Diary of a Bonafide Marketing Genius. I tell it like I see it. If your product sucks, I’ll say so. Which leads me to my next point…

3. If your product sucks, I suggest you improve it before sending it my way. I will be merciless. I will poke fun. I promise. On the other hand, if your product kicks a**, I will sing its praises. Either way, the only thing I can promise you for sure is that I. Will. Be. Relentless. Either way, you will SO get your money’s worth.

4. The opinions expressed on this blog are SOLELY THE GENIUS’. They do not reflect those of my clients, colleagues, employers, relatives, friends, neighbors, or state/federal representatives. At least not as far as I know.

And now… let the whoring begin!


11 Responses

  1. Marta – now that is just a brilliant idea! I am off now to setup something similar for…

  2. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome…

    Would have sent the link to TfH guys but they beat me to it!

    Seems like something to mention at the Social Media for Social Change event I am going to on Friday

  3. It’s amazing that we’re talking about a relatively new marketing phenomenon – ie. identifying key influencers and hassling them to blog about products – and already you’re weary of it. I fear though, once word gets around that you’re whoring yourself out for a $100 charity donation, won’t you be inundated with requests? Won’t that initially force the price up, but start to erode long-term readers trust in you, putting downward pressure on the value of your opinion? Surely there has to be a better way… In an ideal world, how do you think marketing companies should be approaching bloggers? Or is it all just a futile marketing fad which will eventually cave in under its own pressure, paving the way for the next trend…

  4. What do I get for $500?

  5. […] is social media and Director of Marketing at Viximo has got the blogosphere chatting again after announcing her plan to blog about “those products/services/brands that agree to donate $100 to Doctors Without […]

  6. I wrote about a similar topic a few months back: If GSD&M is out there, I’m still waiting.

  7. That is truly awesome. Now that Social Media classes (I know because I’m in one this semester) are being taught in universities this reach is just going to grow more and more. It’s amazing how many people can be reached by a blog post.

    Work it, girl!

  8. That’s it! Really, simply, it is elegant, obvious! Anyone reading this thinking about using your offer is also learning about the Responsibility Revolution, Doctors Without Borders, You, and their own reach. Why the hell aren’t ALL bloggers donating to SOMETHING! I’ve been looking at how to do what you have so simply done here. There’s a restaurant, the Pearl, in downtown Napa, they donate 1/2 of all corkage fees to the Humane Society in Napa, why don’t ALL local restaurants do that! Can you imagine the impact!?

  9. […] of my favorite approaches from a blogger (The Secret Diary of a Bonafide Marketing Genius) asked businesses who were pitching products to her to donate $100 to Doctors Without Borders in […]

  10. Hello! simply super resource

  11. Marta,
    I really enjoy reading your blog, especially your social media presentation here :

    Just wanted to say that i received the same message from Alexwebmaster on my blog, so I guess, he is just a nouveau genre serial spammer. What is your out take on that?
    Katheline Jean-Pierre

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