“They like me! They really like me!”

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of presenting What the F**K is Social Media? to Boston’s own Ladies Who Launch. The presentation was very well received, and man was it FUN to drop the F-bomb so many times! So much so, that I’ve decided to use a healthy dose of profanity in every presentation I write from this day forward. Doesn’t that sound f**king Genius?

Cursing aside, I must admit that in all my many years of being a Bonafide Marketing Genius, never have I so personally benefitted from the magic and momentum of this beloved thing we call the World Wide Web—and more specifically, from the magic and momentum of it’s offspring: social media.

Here’s what I mean.

At 4:00pm on July 2, 2008, I posted What the F**K is Social Media on Slideshare.net. I then sent an email to about a half dozen contacts who I thought would be interested in the material, and asked them to “vote” for it in the “World’s Greatest Presentation Contest.” A short while later, it appeared on Twitter (thanks @TDefren!) and found its way onto a few blogs, including Three Minds, Sixty Second View, Robert Paterson’s Blog, and numerous others.

By the end of the day, it had been viewed about 300 times.

By the end of the next day (July 3), >900 times.

July 4: >2700 times.

July 5: 4000 times.

As of this morning, it has been viewed >15,000 times, embedded on 209 other sites, favorited by 200 people, and [at least for now] is the most embedded slideshow this month and is in the top 25 most embedded slideshows of all time.

Meanwhile, all this buzz has resulted in >150 new Twitter followers (from all corners of the world), dozens of new connections on LinkedIn and Facebook, multiple “expertise” and speaking requests (the Genius particularly loves those!), and a Monster Truck-sized boost in blog traffic.

Do I hear a “Whoop Whoop!” By golly, I believe that I DO!

Some of you may look at these numbers and say “Big F**King deal. Who would expect any less from a Genius?” Others of you may be drooling with envy, or frozen—like a deer in headlights—at the sheer awesomeness of it. But the truth, my darlings, is that it is amazing—a true testament to the global, networked, constantly-sharing, engaged community that is the lifeblood of social media. That IS social media.

In other words, I owe it all to YOU. And I thank you. I may not be able to fit my head through the door any longer, but F**K it, I’m grateful, and I’m thrilled! Yee-HA!

In addition to arming me with juicy numbers to share and inflating my already super-sized ego, my dear online friends have also submitted a few fantastic comments that I’d like to share.

First, there was this one:

[Identity kept private since the chap sent me this little gem via email, claiming he wanted to protect ME from embarrassment. I’m not kidding.]

“I say: F**k social media 🙂 . From a personal point of view: the bubble will burst again and all that is left is face-2-face communication and interaction. From a professional point of view: a service or a product that targets the baby boomers for instance will not be sold over the internet. Check the stats… And only the top 10 of strong brands will survive via on line communication, creating buzz and brand awareness, not added value.

So, why should I get on the train? Give me one good reason ☺”

Um… did you somehow skip slides 6-44? Jesus, dude. I gave you 5 REALLY good reasons—which is 5 reasons more than you have for being such a dumbass.

And this one from Roger Martin:

Terrific f**king presentation. Marta, will you run for President … please? I’m a former political and investigative journalist who has owned and managed PR firms for the past 17 years. We are leaping into social marketing, and I’ve made your slideshow required viewing for all staff. (Maybe they’ll stop hitting the porn sites?)

To which I can only respond… No, Roger, they will never stop hitting the porn sites. But a guy can dream.

8 Responses

  1. Marta, I am all trembly inside. I loved your slideshow SO much, I actually thought of sending it to our new VP of Corp Marketing. But then, I realized I don’t know his tolerance for cussing, so I reconsidered. I retweeted it immediately to my WHOPPING 107 followers on Twitter. It elegantly (yes, it is Effing Elegant) captures everything that I have been learning about social media, and trying to teach others. You rock.


  2. If I am not mistaken, Marta, what you’re really trying to say here is that you owe it all to ME. (You’re welcome, Genius.) 😉

    It’s a great PPT; the praise is well deserved. Good luck!

  3. Karen: The way I see it, you don’t get to be VP of Corp Marketing without lobbing a few F-bombs, so I say—let him see it! March into that office, tell him to put on his Big Boy Panties and get with the program. 😉

    Todd: As usual, you have cut through all the Genius’ B.S. and revealed the true essence of my message. (side note: Happy to see the shoulder surgery hasn’t affected your brain ;). Thanks for being the spark that started quite the fire. Burn, baby, burn!

  4. Personally I think the F bomb is under utilized. If strategically placed, it has quite the impact. Hence, your slides where the f bomb is dropped for emphasis and impact.

    Everyone should watch this. Totally dumbed down for the masses who use the word “fuck” more often than not!

    Makes me wonder who it would benefit more. Corporate suits, or regular ole people. Sometimes I don’t think either is ready.

  5. I don’t think it is necessary to use the “F” word. I think it is a crutch. The information is valuable, the presentation clear, and you really seem to be trying to help people.

    The only reason I can think in this specific case that you have used the word is to try to capture attention. And you have done that.

    I think using it is unoriginal.

  6. Hey, I just found your blog via that presentation, and I really need to congratulate you! That’s just awesome!

    I work with social media and PR here in Brasil. Thanks for sharing the presentation!

    Oh, and I just subscribed your blog, liked it here.

  7. Marta, you fail.

    Transparent rhetorical techniques are transparent. Yes the moronic hordes on slideshare are lapping it up (and honestly, what kind of person goes on a site like that looking for insights?) but to anyone with any practical marketing experience let alone any scientific training your presentation is insultingly bad.

    To pick just one (key) argument:

    If 18% of TV campaigns provide positive ROI, what’s the figure for social media?

    a) You don’t know, because there aren’t actually any case studies to prove social media works for marketing (and there are good reasons why it won’t)

    b) Most widely circulated data indicates that only 15% of social/viral campaigns generate any positive word of mouth (let alone ROI, in which case the figure would be even smaller) therefore quoting only the figure for TV is deeply misleading, as an 18% hit rate is actually GOOD compared to the norms for other media

    c) You have no interest in presenting an accurate and objective assessment of social media, only of jumping on a popular bandwagon and hoping to make some bank off credulous marketers who are too old/clueless to understand how the web REALLY works

  8. I would say your presentation is straight to the f**king point. I love it 🙂 No more to say.

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