World’s Best Presentation

The Genius has done it again: shocked the world with her astounding brilliance, wit, and [ahem] sharp tongue.

How have I done it this time?

Well, tots, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so how about I just SHOW you:

Aptly titled “What the F**K is Social Media?”, I am throwing my oh-so-fine hat in the ring for‘s World’s Best Presentation contest. VOTE FOR IT, if you know what’s good for you.

All modesty aside (and I’m not known for my modesty), I am looking forward to the conversation this deck will spur. Do you love it? Do you hate it? God help me if you don’t care either way.

Well don’t just sit there… SAY SOMETHING!


49 Responses

  1. Brilliant! Great stats. This will provide me with some good data the next time I try to convince a client they need to be involved.

    The Times They Are A-Changin’

  2. […] What the frak is Social Media? Great slideshow here, from the lovely, talented and rarely-limited-by-underconfidence Marta Kagen. […]

  3. Bravo. Great stuff, absolutely spot on!

  4. I’m working on a wiki that is creating curriculum for nonprofits to learn how to use social media – the curriculum is being created by the community! I’m curating materials and I’ve added your wonderful slide show into the module on what/why social media important

    I would love to include the bullet points on “why” – from slides 6-44 – so you have those in text as a blog post anywhere? Or would be willing to post them and I could point to them?


  5. […] presentation by The Bonafide Marketing Genius about social media and what it’s all […]

  6. Great preso! It really captures the thoughts flying about the twittersphere/blogosphere very weel. And despite its length, it flies by. Well done! Umm, is it under a creative commons license? 😉

  7. WOW. I just ran across your “What the F**K is social media” on and I have to say……DAMN FINE presentation. You rock girl! You nailed it. That slide show is a wake up call to anyone that wants to market/brand online. I’m recommending it to everyone.

  8. Thanks everyone for the feedback! And happy Independence Day (kind of fitting, no?)

    Arthur (@ahg3), yes – feel free to share. Send me an email & I’ll forward a copy.

    Beth Kanter — I love the Be the Media project. Happy to share the bullet points with you in text — I’ll email them/all slides when I’m back in the office on the 8th.

    Keep spreading the good word! Change is indeed afoot.

  9. 36% subscribe to RSS feeds!!! Oh please, tell me that it’s true. The last I heard less than 10% of internet users even knew what RSS stood for, let alone used it!

  10. F**king genius!

  11. great job. Sadly in this social media space what I see that (a lot of people loose sight of) is the very foundation of commerce the question: What is the business purpose?

    …to get your message out, to communicate is fine, and of course open conversations are enablers also let us focus upon the call to action our mechanism in place to qualify this energy (do we hear the sound of a cash register)

  12. OK, also noch mal: Was ist Social Media? Und warum?…

    Ich weiß, ich weiß – viele von uns Web-Leuten mögen das Wort “Social Media” ungefähr so sehr wie das Wort “Web 2.0”.


    Gerade “Social Media” trifft es nun mal sehr gut. Denn bei diesen nicht mehr ganz so neuen Formen der Onlinegesp…

  13. […] Marta Z. Kagan kommt folgende sehenswerte Zusammenfassung, warum es für jedes Unternehmen existentiell wichtig […]

  14. Wow – you’ve explained that so well that even my dumb bosses at AT&T might get it ;^D

    P.S. Dumb bosses at AT&T – if you read this, I didn’t mean you – I meant the others

  15. […] ben fatta è la spiegazione elaborata da Marta Z. Kagan e segnalata da Luca Conti su […]

  16. Great slideshow, I see you are a Cluetrain fan. Good.
    Two problems. Why does Slideshare want me to register so I can vote? No time for that. Just use a cookie.
    #2 your Twitter bio has two URLs in the address so it won’t open in a new tab. I had to monkey around a bit to get here.

  17. […] time pondering this topic and have yet to see as in depth of a slideshow as this fresh preso from Marta Z. Kagan. True to form, she not only took the time to produce the slideshow, but published it at slideshare. […]

  18. This is a F**king great presentation.

    Clear, concise and all the f**king stuff that can be said when the work is great. Thanks for this!

  19. I just love it ! 🙂

  20. Outstanding work, Ms. Genius!

  21. Wow. That was amazing. I have a B.A. in Media, and I feel like you’ve summarized the important information and really hit the nail on the spot. You are truly an inspiration, and those that don’t understand social media, should understand it and want to get involved after watching this slideshow. Good luck with the votes!

  22. Terrific f**king presentation. Marta, will you run for President … please? I’m a former political and investigative journalist who has owned and managed PR firms for the past 17 years. We are leaping into social marketing, and I’ve made your slideshow required viewing for all staff. (Maybe they’ll stop hitting the porn sites?) I’d also like to share it with many of our clients, if that’s OK??? We speicalize in political advocacy/issue management. Figuring out how to fit these new tools into our toolbox. Thank you.

  23. @Roger Martin, your comment made my day. Thank you!

  24. Really love your stuff. What the F**k is social media was great. Everyone that I have shared it with has loved it. I work for an advertising and pr agency in the Midwest and it is often like pulling teeth trying to get clients and our company to embrace the space. Your stats have helped a lot.

    Keep up the good work,

  25. What the F**K; it took you 74 slides to tell me the most effective form of communication is face-to-face.

  26. Marta, I saw your presentation at Ladies Who Launch the other night and thought that you are just great. Thanks so much for joining us. I am going to pass your slideway show onto all my social media pals and even some that aren’t. Louise

  27. […] ben fatta è la spiegazione elaborata da Marta Z. Kagan e segnalata da Luca Conti su […]

  28. Marta — thanks for a great presentation, which looks beautiful and flows wonderfully…

    Unfortunately I’ve tried stats and points such as these with a number of (mostly retail) clients, and the response I tend to get is ‘Where’s the ROI — if I spend X on a person who’s going to take the time to listen, engage, communicate… how much more will I get back??’

    Any thoughts?

  29. More hearty thank yous to all of you!

    @Stefanie – the subject of ROI is important… and controversial. And probably good fodder for a whole other blog post! 😉 For now, I’ll point you to 2 of my favorite existing posts on the topic. First there’s this ‘tutorial’ on SM ROI and then this OpEd(?) piece on the topic

    Hope these help you make the case.

  30. Phenomenal presentation. and your modesty is a true inspiration.

  31. […] since. I’ve more or less got it figured out, but no one has helped clarify things quite like Marta Kagan. She explains it all very clearly in her suddenly popular mini-slideshow, “What the F**k is […]

  32. […]  Marta Kagen via WhatsNextBlog […]

  33. Great info. I just posted a link to your slideshow on Publishing Associates ( a blog I recently started as a means of staying connected with our authors and to help educate each other on the changing realities of publishing. Thanks, Paul

  34. love it! got my vote 😉

  35. Hi, appreciated the presentation a lot. Was the performance recorded? Would be nice to see it presented.

    Cheer, Sam

  36. […] die kurz und knapp alles wissenswerte über Social Media erklärt. Der Titel ist Programm: “What the F**K is Social Media?“ | View | Upload your […]

  37. I think it still it is still to early to tell if social media will have a positive influence on the force, but I do love plain speak!

  38. Marta – great presentation. I just voted for it, wrote a blog entry about it and mentioned it on Twitter.

    Tom Humbarger

  39. Great slide show, I will be showing this to my clients who have been somewhat reluctant to get in and start a conversation!

  40. […] From another brilliant woman Marta Z. Kagan, here is her self-proclaimed World’s Best Presentation: […]

  41. great slides – I shared this in class today! 🙂

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  43. […] Marta Kagan: “… people having conversations online” […]

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