The next CEO to claim their product is for “everyone” should be shot

Has nobody but me heard the expression, “You can’t please everybody”????

My guess is that most CEOs, particularly those of VC-backed tech start-ups have the misguided notion that they’re GOD (notice there are an equal number of letters: G-O-D… C-E-O), and therefore can will their way into the hearts, minds, and pocketbooks of every dumb-ass in America.

News Flash:
Even the Big Guys can’t please everybody.

So why would you think that a little embryo of a start-up, with a little embryo of a marketing budget (and staff) could succeed with the cast-a-wide-net approach?

Honestly, people: it’s Marketing 101. Choose a target audience! One that you could wrap your narcissistic little arms around.
One that you could actually DESCRIBE, beyond the boring, big demographic qualifiers.
One that you could pick out of a line-up.
One that you know exactly where to find (online and off).
One that needs and wants your product/service as desperately as Britney wants to be photographed without her knickers.

And then… once you’ve engendered their loyalty and ensured that you and this target audience are permanent BFFs, then [and only then!] begin to expand your net.

Think of it as a little series of concentric circles… a ripple that starts with one teeny stone as it hits the surface of calm waters.

NOT a fucking boulder that flops, splashes, and sinks to the bottom, never to be heard from again.



2 Responses

  1. rock on – you tell em genius! straight up girl.

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